At Smart-Dig we're changing the face of hydro-excavation to help contractors avoid disruption. 

Our business is a partnership between Southey's Group and ITSS Engineering - bringing over 50 years of combined experience from mechanical engineering and operating hydro-excavation. Through this we've landed on a fairly simple philosophy - make small improvements that collectively make a big difference on the job. 


We put our energy into custom built finely balanced machines that are more efficient, reliable, economical and safer so contractors can work with fewer disruptions. 


Our Hydro-excavators are:

  • Designed by operators for operators - machines are designed by experienced hydro-excavtion contracts to meet the specific and unique demands facing operators.

  • Easy to use - units utilise a wireless remote control that allows simple operation from a distance. The boom rotates a full 270 degrees and is power extendable to 9.5 metres. Retractable hose reels and unique safety features make a Smart-Dig hydro-exacator easy and safe.

  • Built to last - Southey's Group, New Zealand's leading hydro-excavation service, tested these machines in the field for more than two years before releasing them to the market. 


Hugh Harvey
Rob Southey

Disruption. It's a costly part of construction projects that causes endless frustration to the councils, governments and companies running them. The hydro-excavation industry has been crying out for new tools that increase uptime and accessibility on the job. 

At Smart-Dig, we're building a new generation of hydro-excavation technology that enables companies and organisations to lay the foundation for tomorrow's cities, smarter, and faster. 

Every Smart-Dig unit is the distillation of three decades of continuous hydro-excavation and mechanical engineering experience. We are continuously looking at every aspect of the technology. From designing our world leading drop-box to maximise airflow, and engineering a hybrid waste water tank to reduce weight and the number of trips to the tip - we challenge conventions and build balanced machines, which dig longer and combine speed, safety, and reliability.







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“I would like to thank you for a fabulous product, in my eyes money very well spent. This product is so well designed and operates fantastic and is a real head turner. We have used the unit a few times now and the company we are contracted to saw how well it worked compared to other units we had hired and what it being used on site by other contractors. They are now looking at giving us more work.”

- Peter Mais - Total Plumbing 

"Smart-Dig machines are the future of trenching. We are very happy with our HX 6000 - the performance, speed and quality of work is top end. We have just dug 200m of paddock and safely uncovered 50 service lines, so very pleased. It is a big investment but the value is enormous."

- Roly Scapens - Taupo Trenching 


“We have the HX-6000 - we chose Smart-Dig because it was smart looking unit, the size and capabilities are exactly what we were after and it is operating as expected with no troubles. It's great to have a machine that you don't have to worry about on a daily basis - very reliable.”

- Dan Levet - Southeys 

"We have the HX 4000 - we chose Smart-Dig because it was a smart looking unit, the size and capabilities are exactly what we were after and it is operating above our expectations. It's great to have a machine that you don't have to worry about on a daily basis - very reliable!"

- Mark Bason - City Contractors


“The Smart-Dig HX-4000 is the perfect machine for our operation. It's cut our time on the job significantly and improved our overall efficiency. ”

- Austen Stoll - Latta Well & Pump